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ARIES WOMEN: She is Aries and as a Martian on Earth, she is energetic and can do it all.
She is without experience or without a priori for everything new. Do not loose time in foreplay, specially the first time. She is curious, ready for anything. You have to seduce. Take all the decisions, do not ask anything. Make up the questions and the answers.
She is the woman of the first night, she does not know how to make love, or fakes it to test you. After a few meetings, surprise !
She will give you lessons! She dominates, she just might make you her thing. She will keep you by her determination to make you loose your head. 



ARIES MEN:  He is like electric fire: impossible to stifle. Everyday he starts a new life. He is a great conqueror: ardent, relentless, untiring. He is the thunder struck man. He does not appreciate losing his time in endless preliminaries and as such is available for great passions. He is faithful to his women and to keep him, you will need great qualities and character because for him, love is a struggle of fights and confrontations which end up in passionate reconciliations. Do not be jealous, on the contrary, be independent and surprising: security does not attract him, if he desires you, it can last 100 years. He is built for having affairs: elegant, very sensual. To catch his eye, always be the sexiest and the cutest. He is fond of slave master games and he likes it rough.  Aries men are also explorers, so be ready to go where no woman has gone before.  His favourite position:  a woman on her knees leaning forward. 
TAURUS WOMEN:  Dominated by Venus, she is the first feminine sigh of the Zodiac. She is determined to seduce and dominate you: Eve changed the face of the world with only one apple. If you are bachelor, you can keep control of the situation even though it will not be easy. Anything to keep you is good, even blackmail. She will fulfill you because physical accord is essential to her. Platonic relationship is the enemy of her joy of life. If you marry her, know that it is for life. There is no such thing as divorce for her. If you are married, watch out! Her exclusive love will drive you to divorce.  She like to be pleased by sex, but don't look for unusual approaches.  But she is a demanding lover and leave her partner breathless.  She has a need for oral gratification, both giving and receiving.  Best sex mates:  Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo.  Most likely kink:  sucking on her toes, one by one.  She also like biting...hmmm! TAURUS MEN:  Dominated by Venus, he is a great sentimental, naturally possessive, which makes him jealous and exclusive. He will make you his "thing", on the other side he will offer in return tenderness, solidity and comfort. His traditional morals make him the only man of the Zodiac who does not divorce. That does not keep their wives for running away from their tyranny. He is sensual, jolly, gourmet. If you are looking for security, he is the ideal man. You will keep him all your life if you show him a lot of affection and never lie to him. That is his weakest point: if you betray him or if he thinks you did, he will never forgive you and your life will turn into hell.  This is the guy to go for long and luxurious oral sex.  Stamina?  This man could wear down a glacier!  His erogenous zone:  gently and slowly kiss and  bite the back of his neck.
GEMINI WOMEN:  Dominated by Mercury, she is the environmental specialist: music, soft lights, cushions, porno movies: it's all in the head! She fears her imperfections and will be difficult to undress. Faithfulness is not her strong point. She is afraid of lifetime commitment, and of loosing her freedom: this drives her to be a mistress of free union. If you marry her, do not fall into routine. Make it so your marriage is not the ball & chain type.  Best sex mates are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarians, Libra, and Aries.  Favourite gadget:  the vibrator. GEMINI MEN:  First Air sign, he refuses aging, and stays young in his body and in his heart, with escapades college-style. His need for renewal and bottomless curiosity make it difficult for him to be faithful for he needs to prove himself that he is free. He is the best buddy but his facetious personality is so that one never knows where the truth lies nor can you count on him in friendship. He can be an artist as well as data processing specialist or electronics technician. Eroticism and 976 lines are his passion. He likes bizarre and strange sensations. To be noted: never tell him that he is unstable or superficial, he would never forgive you. His erogenous zone:  move your lips and tongue lightly up his arm.
CANCER WOMEN:  She is beautiful like the Moon, like a pregnant woman. Femme-enfant, she needs a stable environment. In love or family disagreement, she will react with the force conferred to her by her personality which tends to be capricious and romantic with all the compounding excesses. She will like you a protector, authoritative, understanding but mostly ... rich (even if you add a bit, it does not matter). If you deceive her, the Cancer mother hen will abandon you for her children and will report on them all her love.  Her favourite position: lying prone while her man enters her from behind.  Best sex mates:  Taurus, Leo, Virgo,Scorpio, and Pisces.  She may become a slave to sexual pleasure! CANCER MEN:  He is a mother-hen, a true family man, responsible, generally faithful, clean, elegant, meticulous and above all courageous even though he sometimes needs to be stimulated. He is a handyman, crafty, thrifty, good manager. He can be an efficient civil servant. First he needs a happy home that welcomes him. His wife must be very maternal and equilibrated to reassure him and he will be the perfect husband. His companion will also have to be beautiful, attractive with all qualities: soft, understanding, affectionate, clean. These are keys to his equilibrium. Do not forget: Good home cooking is part of his environment, he will even participate. Some Cancer can be capricious and irritable: they will seek escapades, a sign of their immaturity or of a complex of lack of virility. His most surprising technique: intercourse with no hands. He has a need for constant encouragement and if gotten, he will be a delightful swain.  Both patient and aggressive, he will often begin somewhere other than bad: likes being in command, and is a master at manual clitoral manipulation! 


LEO WOMEN:   Sleek, lascivious, enticing and lazy!  The lady Leo is the greatest curiosity of the Zodiac. Like safaris, you have to be able to afford it. For her, love goes after her need to impose herself in life. She will truly love only a superior man who will bring her the Absolute. She has no inhibitions in love. If she looks for adventure, it's to prove herself she is woman. She is beautiful and desirable, enjoy it. When married, with her touchy personality, she will have a tendency to retire into her shell. If you deceive her, she get back onto her quest ... elsewhere. Best sex mates:  Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Aries.  Her sexual wardrobe: full of wispy cut-out bras and panties! LEO MEN: He is the most handsome, the greatest, the strongest ... like the Sun. His social status is everything to him. He needs to feel admired in order to be what he wants to be: magnificent and generous Leo! He is such an idealist that very few woman can satisfy him. The one that will seduce him will know how to make him shine. She must have the intelligence, the beauty, the knowledge, but not so much to overshadow him but enough to show. He can give it all but is love is rocky, sensitive to social standards. He needs to feel admired, approved and encouraged. He's built to fascinate his surroundings by his strong actions and his eloquence. He is bright, has knowledge in every thing, almost. Sometimes, with age and success, he becomes a lion without claws at the hands of a woman. His endurance is remarkable and he has a great appetite for making love.  He likes women in the submissive position and oral sex is okay when he is on the receiving end.  He likes a woman to show how much she is enjoying it.  His erogenous zone:  his back is particularly vulnerable.
VIRGO WOMEN:  She is dominated by Mercury: not now, not so fast, another time ... Her critical sense is detrimental to her; her love for peace and quiet pushes her towards celibacy. Perfect homebody, a good house wife, her wisdom and financial seriousness are remarkable. She is faithful and respectable (she is scared of mental problems!), inhibited, she fears to disappoint. The way she weighs the pros and cons might tire her loved one. But with a good cocktail she can let herself go to a bit of fantasy, that suits her and will seduce you. Be prudent if you meet Mrs Crazy Virgo for she is the opposite of everything said above. She love mutual masturbation and enjoy a little punishment, and her grace and modesty is a great turn on.  She become an artist at pleasing her lover.  Favourite kink: can't truly enjoy it unless a third party is
present.  Best sex mates:  Gemini, Cancer and Aquarians.
VIRGO MEN:  He is a good worker. He looks for security, stable employment. He is a good civil servant. But at love, his qualities can become his handicap: to be too analytical, to split hairs. He is not available for the great passions he fears. His critical and maniacal personality, his way of always weighing the pros and the cons will turn off marriage candidates. If he is not a bachelor, he is a faithful husband, mainly out of decency. His married life suffers of an absence of fantasy which can kick back into a major mid-life crisis where he will throw away his great principles in a waltz of mistresses he will always deny. His secret life: can be obsessed with pornography. Erogenous zones: his buttocks.
LIBRA WOMEN:  Dominated by Venus, the true goddess of love: beautiful, elegant and sexy, she is more woman than another and always needs to please. She does not like solitude. Her ideal is to make a close couple with her husband but she is very demanding for him to prove his love. Her companion must be up to her ambitions. He must be presentable and cultivated to seduce her. You will not regret it. Sexually, she is attracted by unusual situations. Surprise her! If you deceive her, she can start all over with another, sustained by the same enthusiasm and renewed confidence.   Best sex mates: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Saggitarius, and Aquarius.  Like any position where her buttocks are exposed. LIBRA MEN:  Governed by Venus, he is positive, masculine and loves good evenings. He is generally handsome, likes to dance, rhythmic music and cocktails. Elegant, everything that is in plastic beauty has a lot of importance. His relationships are mundane and political. He is well set up: bright lawyer, for instance. His desire to please facilitates amorous encounters. He needs to feel surrounded and falls in his own trap which takes him into inescapable and difficult situations. If you can be his complement, his soul mate, then he will be faithful, because for him, love is the happiness of sharing and of the communion of a couple's life. If you deceive him, although divorce is a burden for him, he will leave you to start over like if it was his first love. He like women who dress well and have long hair.  If a woman's clothes look as though they are easily removed, he finds her hard to ignore.  Erogenous zone: back and buttocks, especially the feel of erect nipples against either of them!
SCORPIO WOMEN:  She is beautiful, her eyes like gems. She is forever young, with long hair and beautiful hands prolonged by her nails, like claws. Black is her color. Se is often categorized femme fatale, praying mantis, vamp, and it is mostly justified for everything is excessive with her, including her possessive and uncompromising love. If you are her husband, watch out for the nail marks on your back. If you are a bachelor, let her lead and her eroticism will overwhelm you, but a steady diet of egg yolks in cognac for a few days will ensure your level of performance. Do not deceive her, she will poison you, figuratively or ... not. Best sex mates:  Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  Props her love:  scented body oils, flavoured lubricating gels, and vibrators. SCORPIO MEN:  Martian Sign, Mr. Scorpio is naturally mystical and his need for godliness and parity are one face of his love. The other face is driven by Eros and sexuality which give him an outlet for his aggressive feelings. A lustful, sexy animal.  Enjoys biting and sucking and is a master of oral sex.  Inflicting pain turns him on so he may pinch at nipples or the inside of thighs.  Likes it in water, but his kink is that the prefers wood tables and hard floors to satin and silk.  Love of the Absolute makes him a feisty and very jealous being. With him, nothing is simple; his love life is so complicated, it sometimes brings him right down into depressive states. Very often, his marriage or his flings become sources of confrontations where psychological sadism takes a good part. If you resemble him or if you are is equal in intransigence, you will find him a remarkable lover but as far as being a couple living together, talk to his other victims. His erogenous zone is his genitalia.


SAGITTARIUS WOMEN:  Dominated by Jupiter, she has the most wonderful legs of the Zodiac. Her ankles are nimble, her tights long, as if she spent years of a racing bicycle. She is fire: ardent: she often starts life by the pleasure of romantic conquests, and makes multiple comparisons to her ideal which is often deceived. She is so gifted for friendship, there will always be something between you. She will decide to be stable around the end of her thirties more likely to procreate. It could be earlier to some who seek conformism, financial and moral stability. Best sex mates: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.Her sexual wardrobe will consist of accessories - gloves and shoes! SAGITTARIUS MEN:  Positive, masculine, dominated by Fire, he dreams of a life of adventures. He has a cigarette smoking in all airports! He is easily provocative in his choices , women foreign to his family environment, whether it be by origins, past history, or occupation are a strong possibility and can be seen as a challenge to his family often hurt by the way he imposes his life. Generally, these marriages are short-lived. In the first part of his live, he is not faithful. He need to conquer for the sake of his personal image. Naturally affectionate, if you choose him in his forties you will find him passionate, a model parent for your children and professionally stable. You will then be able to live an intense and free love with him. He is the master of  erotic massage - both oral and manual.  His tongue can be a wicked instrument and when combined with his lips, creates an explosive effect!   Erogenous zones:  hips and thighs. And he likes to look at a woman's calves and thighs, and likes to have sex with a woman in stockings.
CAPRICORN WOMEN:  Dominated by Saturn, timid and reserved, mysterious and difficult to understand, she is waiting for you to make the first move. You will need to be a bit of a detective to find her, and patient to win her over. She is serious, woman of duty, all business, by taste, not much of a mother hen. She has a nostalgic temper. Her past always steps onto her present. A bit egotistical, she could turn into a volcano only for you! She often commits herself effectively in the second part of her live in a solid and calm marriage. A woman for keeps, but above all, do not betray her! Since she like to dominate, she like to be astride her man, set a rhythym, and please herself. Once into a rhythym, lovemaking becomes a wild contest with orgasm as the prize and she can depend on getting here more than once.  Also a scratcher and screamer. Best sex mates:  Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. CAPRICORN MEN:  His temper is difficult to circumvent. He flies social events and complicated relationships: he needs not loose his time. He is conservative, old hat (even at 20), nostalgic, he can be emotional, timid and wait for your "authorization" to show his affection. The other "Cap" is egotistical, self centered and often violent. He puts his job first and forget that married life involves sharing and dialog. A few flings will suffice: the thing does not interest him. He is a man often frustrated by his childhood and cannot put it behind him. He will generally stabilize in a steady relationship in his late 30's if he knows his new life will be well balanced and without surprises. Has the stamina of a marathon runner. Here is the man who will hold off until you are ready to scream!  Erogenous zone: a massage that starts at the lower back and gently strokes upward along the sides of his spine.
AQUARIUS WOMEN:  She is curious. Of all her senses, hearing is most developed. For those who are secretaries they will prefer being receptionist. She is an idealist and will surpass herself in friendship and friendly love. She does not accept chains and projects her love on her loved one. Deceptions are frequent and in this case she will terminate the relationship at once. She will be your best friend, the one you will discuss the latest bestseller for hours over a full plate. Physical love is secondary and adventures numerous, whether attached or not. Most often times a cause or an ideology will be her reason for living. Best sex mates:  Arie, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  Favourite sex position: standing up, and in water.


AQUARIUS MEN:  He is easy to meet, he travels a lot. Friendship is an indispensable element to his evolution: he loves discussing. Man of communications, he loves freedom and love that does not tie him down. If stuck, he will simply leave. Often considered cold, in fact, he seeks to shape his loved one into his ideal. Often deceived he can become buddy loveand will continue his experiences at the same time, all the time being possessive with his loved one. You want to seduce him: music and Internet, high tech and novelties. He might be the head of an ideological group or participant of a cause. These activities will take the place of his lost love. He usually ensures an orgasm twice - once orally and once genitally.  Erogenous zones:
gently touching the calves and ankles will get him going.  Be careful though -a kinky Aquarian can be a sadist who doesn't like to be denied!
PISCES WOMEN:  Neptune has make her a true mom and above all a true woman. Romantic, serious and faithful, she is rarely available for extramarital affairs. She generally marries at a young age. She can devote herself, body and soul, for her ideal and her love in her marriage. She can also keep quiet about an impossible love all her life. Blossomed, a bit round, soft she is the portrait of the perfect woman if she exists. Watch out not to hurt her sensibility. She is fragile and emotional, you might cause irremediable damage. They are very beautiful and delicate orchids. She aresexually liberated and enjoy a wide range of eroticism. If his fantasies coincide with yours, the action can really get torrid!  She seldom say no to anything your loversuggests! Favourite places: in a waterbed or hot tub. Best sex mates: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces. PISCES MEN:  He is indecisive. He cultivates mystery. He is an utopian, thin skinned. It is difficult for him to express himself understandably. His love does not touch Earth. He dreams of a magical cosmic union and you must remind him that love is physical, too. He is pessimistic and finds a sad satisfaction in renouncing and mystical love. As long as he has the smallest feelings, he cannot cut off, which will put him in trouble. He is very much of a dreamer and easy to influence. He tends towards mysteries, small secrets and what comes with it: alcohol and sometimes more. They are very good friends, always ready for a service but watch out: they dig in ! Erogenous zones: massaging and caressing his feet.